What's New in the Nursery

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New in the Nursery this week - Updated 24 July 2016

Acacia ''Golden Glow'

Acacia iteaphylla

Acacia 'Lime Magic'

Acacia ''Mop Top'

Acacia 'Twilight Glow'

Actinotus helianthi

Adenanthos 'Silver Streak'

Anigozanthos 'Triple Treat'

Arthropodium strictum

Banksia coccinea

Banksia 'Red Rover'

Boronia 'Bliss Bomb'

Chamelaucium uncinatum 'Purple Pride', 'Moulin Rouge', 'White Surprise', 'Della', 'Eclipse'

Chorizema cordatum

Conostylis 'Lemon Lights'

Epacris longiflora

Eremophila maculata aurea

Gastrolobium praemorsum

Grevillea 'Coastal Sunset'

Grevillea 'Gold Rush'

Grevillea petrophiloides

Hardenbergia violacea - purple and white

Isopogon 'Woorikee'

Lambertia formosa

Leionema ' Green Screen'

Leptospermum brachyandrum

Leptospermum 'Lemon Hedge'

Leptospermum 'Pink Cascade

Leptospermum 'Mesmer Eyes'

Persoonia chamaepitys

Philotheca 'Çascade of Stars'

Telopea 'Shady Lady Red', 'Shady Lady Crimson', 'Braidwood Brilliant'

Thryptomene saxicola

Westringia 'Smokie'




Foliage colour and unique flowers.

Dicrastylis globiflora

H: 30cm

W:  1m

Full sun position, this beautiful grey foliage grows well in a mixed shrubbery, rockeries and also in pots.

Prune after flowering in autumn to maintain a bushy habit.

White, rounded flowers occur in winter and right through to summer.