Autumn - the best time to plant

Autumn is the best time to prepare your garden for planting. Warm soil and winter rain encourage good, strong root growth which means your plants will be ready to take off come spring.

If you’re starting a new garden bed or revitalising an existing one, now is the perfect time to plant to take advantage of these favourable conditions. The cooler weather makes planting a pleasure; moist soil is easier to dig and by summer your plants will be well established ready to withstand water restrictions or anything else nature throws at them.
Pop into the nursery and see what’s new in and give your garden a boost ready for Spring.

What’s in flower

The stunning summer display of flowering gums is almost over and it’s time to make way for the Banksias and the Correas. Winter flowering and a vital source of food for small birds and bees, Correas are great garden companions. Suited to well-drained positions in full sun to part shade their brightly coloured tubular flowers are a feature in any garden. Tip prune while young to encourage growth.
The Banksias are also putting on a show. Try a large pot with Banksia spinulosa ‘Birthday Candles’ as a vibrant plant near a sunny front door or if you have a bit more space the beautiful Banksia serrata with its leathery green, serrated leaves and striking flowers makes a fabulous haven for visiting wildlife.



What’s new

With new stock in every week it’s always an exciting time at the nursery! Some of our favourites this month are:
Pycnosorus globosus – the Billy Buttons are back! They’re always quick to go so pop in and grab some before they’re all gone.
Conostylis ‘Lemon Lights’ – an interesting low growing clumping plant with bright lemon coloured flowers. Perfect for a dry spot and ideal for rockeries.
Grevilleas – a huge range has arrived including the popular ‘Dorothy Gordon’, ‘Amber Blaze’, and some new favourites such as ‘Firecracker’, ‘Fireworks’, ‘Strawberry Smoothie’, ‘Raspberry Ripple’ and ‘Purple Haze’.


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