Australian native plant banksia yellow blossom blooming in Melbourne

Your autumn garden

Autumn gardens are a delight to work in – cool, crisp mornings and high sunny days. Warm soils and consistent rain make for a great growing season and the days are cool enough to get some much needed jobs done. 


From March to May is a great time to stand back and take stock of your garden. The main growth seasons of spring and summer are behind us, so it’s time to check in on all that new plant growth. Get rid of all those dead flower heads, cut back scrappy grasses and shape your plants to encourage bushy growth later in the year. 


Now is also a fantastic time to mulch and get your garden looking brand new before Easter – not only will a hearty dose of mulch keep the weeds at bay but it will also act as insulation over the colder months ahead. Use a good quality eucalyptus or cypress mulch to help give your soil a boost as it breaks down, and remember to steer clear of any type of straw mulch – these break down too quickly and can contribute to fungal growth on your native plants. 


Hopefully, you’ve got some autumn flowering plants ready to shine already in your garden. But if not, now is the time to fill gaps for next year! Banksia (integrifolia, marginata, spinulosa), Crowea (exalata and saligna) and Correa (alba, baeuerlenii, glabra, reflexa) are big stars in the autumn garden, but just as beautiful are the Brachyscomes, Epacris, Scaevola, Melaleuca (thymifolia), Persoonia (pinifolia) and Xerochrysum. 

From large to small, there’s always something flowering in an Australian native autumn garden. Pop in today to see how we can help you enjoy flowers all year round!


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