Top 40 Australian Native Plants

Warm summers and mild winters – gardening in Sydney is a joy year-round. But that’s not to say Sydney gardeners don’t have their challenges. Humidity, frost, water restrictions and scorching summers means that you really need to know your climate before setting out on your landscaping adventure. Are there native plants that suit the wide variety of climates (and micro-climates) in the average Sydney garden? We believe so. Here are our top 40 Australian Natives for Sydney Gardens, selected to be hardy, fairly low maintenance and durable through a wide range of conditions.


  • Actinotus helianthi ‘Starbright’ – Flannel Flower – grey foliage
  • Austromyrtus dulcis x tenufolia ‘Çopper Tops’ – Midyim Berry – edible berry
  • Bracteantha ‘Dargan Hill’ – Paper Daisy
  • Chrysocephalum apiculatum – Yellow Buttons
  • Grevillea sericea ‘Pink Midget’ – flowers all year
  • Hakea myrtoides x petiolaris ‘Burrendong Beauty’ – winter flowering
  • Lasiopetalum ‘Bronze Velvet’ – attractive foliage
  • Rulingea hermannifolia – attractive foliage


  • Acacia howittii ‘Honey Bun’ – foliage
  • Alpinia caerulea ‘Red Back’ – Native Ginger – burgundy backed leaves/edible fruit and roots
  • Baeckea virgata ‘Dwarf
  • Banksia spinulosa ‘Bush Candles’
  • Callistemon ‘Hot Pink’ – Dwarf Bottlebrush
  • Chorizema cordatum – Coral Flame Pea
  • Correa albaWhite Correa
  • Correa ‘Little Cate’autumn and winter flowering
  • Correa ‘Marions Marvel’ – autumn and winter flowering
  • Epacris longiflora – Native Fuchsia
  • Eremophila nivea – Emu Bush
  • Grevillea ‘Peaches and Cream’ – flowers all year
  • Lasiopetalum baueri – Slender Velvet Bush
  • Rhagodia spinescens ‘Silver Border’ – Saltbush – silver grey foliage
  • Philotheca ‘Flower Girl’ – Wax Flower


  • Conostylis ‘Silver Sunrise’ – grey foliage
  • Libertia paniculata – Flag Grass
  • ‘Meeboldina ‘Velvet Rush’ – velvet brown flowers


  • Hibbertia scandens – Guinea Flower – yellow flowers
  • Kennedia nigricans – Black Coral Pea – black and yellow flowers

Large Shrubs

  • Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ – mauve flowers
  • Grevillea ‘Sylvia’ – watermelon coloured flowers
  • Leptospoermum ‘Lemon Hedge’Lemon Scented Tea Treescented foliage


  • Acacia covenyiBlue Bush Wattlewinter flowering/silver foliage
  • Agonis ‘flexuosa ‘Burgundy’ – Burgundy Willow Myrtle –  burgundy foliage/weeping
  • Angophora hispida – Dwarf Apple
  • Backhousia citriodora – Lemon Myrtle – lemon scented foliage – edible
  • Banksia serrata – Old Man Banksia
  • Elaeocarpus reticularis ‘Prima Donna’ – Blueberry Ash – pink flowers
  • Eucalyptus sideroxylon ‘Rosea’ – striking habit
  • Hibiscus tiliaceus ‘Rubra’ – burgundy foliage
  • Tristaniopsis laurina – Water Gum – yellow flowers/attractive bark

Since 1983, the Sydney Wildflower Nursery at Heathcote has been providing residents and visitors from around Australia with quality native Australian plants.

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