Eucalyptus salubris
Eucalyptus salubris. Image by Laura Corbett, courtesy of Helena and Aurora Range Advocates

Eucalypt of the Year - Eucalyptus salubris

Each year on March 23, Eucalypt Australia announces the Eucalypt of the Year as voted by popular choice. 

This year the winner is Eucalyptus salubris – a gorgeous bronze trunked beauty from the West Australian wheatbelt. Growing up to 15m high it has a distinctively smooth, fluted trunk and flowers from September to March. Suited to a wide range of well drained soils, this eucalypt prefers a dry climate and is found naturally from Mullewa to Esperance. 

While it may not be the best choice for a residential garden in Sydney, there are still plenty of eucalyptus that make wonderful garden specimens. 

This year’s top 25 from Eucalypt Australia and Remember the Wild is well worth looking through – our favourites would have to be Eucalyptus leucoxylon ‘Euky dwarf’ or grafted Corymbia ficifolia for their hardiness, moderate size and stunning flowers. Angophora hispida is also a great small tree for suburban gardens and is known for its stunning fuzzy red new growth and masses of nectar filled flowers through summer. 

With over 900 species of eucalypt there really is a eucalypt for every garden, large or small. Pop into the nursery and let us help you find your new favourite today. 


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