Angophora costata

Walking with Wildflowers: Goburra track

One of Heathcote’s best kept secrets, just at the end of Oliver Street, is the Heathcote National Park. Quieter than the Royal, Heathcote National Park really is a hidden gem full of fantastic wildflowers, secluded swimming spots and bushwalks ranging from easy to extreme. 

An easy entry point is the Goburra track, just off Oliver street. Nestled just to the south of Goburra gully, the Goburra track takes you down natural rock steps to the Pipeline trail. Along the way you’ll see some brilliant Angophora costata specimens towering above sandstone outcrops. Angophora hispida, Eucalyptus haemastoma, Eucalyptus piperita, and Corymbia gummifera complete the canopy which towers over a fantastic selection of Banksia, Xanthorrea, Epacris, and Actinotus helianthii all nestled into sandstone crevices.

If the weather is warm, head north about 200 metres along the Pipeline Trail until you see an unmarked track leading steeply down to the creek. There you will find the pristine Goburra pool – at over 120 metres long and 20 metres wide it’s the perfect place for a dip. It’s quite deep with a vertical drop off so make sure anyone entering the water is a confident swimmer.

The climb back out is steep but just up the road you can rest your legs and grab a bite to eat at Smoke and Soda, followed by a walk through our beautiful nursery. Feel free to bring in a photo if you need help identifying any of the wildflowers you’ve seen on your walk.


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