Callistemon ‘Hot Pink’

Striking bright pink flowers in early summer, Callistemon ‘Hot Pink’ is a lovely compact shrub that will bring nectar feeding birds to your garden.

Actinotus helianthi

Actinotis helianthi, commonly known as the flannel flower, is an Australian wildflower that grows in coastal heath, scrub and dry sclerophyll forest.

Corymbia ficifolia ‘Summer Glory’

flowering gum

Corymbia ficifolia ‘Summer beauty’ Corymbia ficifolia or flowering gum is one spectacular tree. Ranging in height from 3-10 metres, these are best purchased as grafted trees to ensure a known colour and height. Great to use as a street, feature or habitat tree as the birds and bees love the nectar from the summer flowers. Useful as […]

Building healthy soil for native plants

When you’re planning your garden it’s important to select the right plant for your conditions. The first step in doing this is to understand your soil!

Autumn – the perfect time to plant

Autumn is the best time to prepare your garden for planting. Warm soil and winter rain encourage good, strong root growth which means your plants will be ready to take off come spring.